About Bellissima

chicago wedding and portrait photographerHi!  My name is Priscilla O’Sullivan and I’m the owner of Bellisima Photography and Design.  We are a boutique style photography studio in Downers Grove, but photograph all around Chicago.  I started the company in 2005 and it has always been a passion of mine since I can remember.   At the age of nine I received my first Olympus camera, and I have been snapping ever since!

I decided to start Bellissima because I remember trying to find the perfect wedding photographer when I was engaged.  So many choices, but no one quite fit what I was looking for.  I decided to open my own company not only to offer an artistic photojournalistic approach to photos, but also offer a level of service that exceed my clients expectations.  People always ask me how I decided on the name Bellissima.  I was very close with my grandparents growing up, and they were from Italy.  I wanted something that would always remind me of them through my day to day life.  The name Bellissima in Italian means beautiful, and that’s what  I hope every one of my clients feel and see when I photograph them.

So Who’s the Girl Behind the Camera?

I’m a wife to my supportive husband James, a mom to two beautiful children, Kailee and Rylan, and two crazy and rambunctious dogs, all 4 of them!  I love my Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks, I’m into all kinds of music, and always believe in keeping promises.  I have a bucket list which consists of places I want to go someday, but also small things like learning to hula hoop and taking a cake decorating class (cuz as you can guess, I also love cake!)  I’ve learned that sometimes the small things add up to be the best things you’ve done, and to live each day fully.